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painting is harvesting life

acrylics 120cm x 100 cm

Sometimes I’m told that if you only follow me through social media and my newsletters, my life looks suspiciously sparkling. That’s a comment that makes me think. Because no, my life is not always joyful and I do not run happy to my studio day after day.

Life is not always very easy, not for me at least. To me, as a proud scientist of freedom, “life” is constantly becoming aware of where I hinder, stop, disturb my freedom. Where I do not allow freedom to myself. Where do I not dare to take freedom.

Well, that’s an infinite journey. Because a Buddha consciousness is not within my hand-reach. Trying, faiing, walk a few steps, failing again...  Always start again and again from an increasingly experienced point zero.

The good thing about it is that I find it really interesting to investigate what is disturbing my flow. Because we are all Buddha consciousness, there is only something (or a lot of somethings) blocking the light.

That shows similarities with the research ‘how to paint a real good painting’.
A painting is easy ‘beautiful’, but then it is not an inescapable piece of strong art. And how does that work? That’s a search, every painting again … Sometimes I’m sure to know that a part of the painting is “bloody perfect”. With boldness I paint around the brilliant piece, week after week, month after month and sometimes even year after year.
I do not really look anymore, because I have already decided that it is good, in the meanwhile it has lost all the contact with the rest of the painting; It’s a frozen piece on the canvas, that’s causes all the trouble.
The expression “killing your darlings” comes from this. Because that is the solution.

Back to my life. Because there too are always “frozen pieces” in roles that I “bloody” certainly knew they were honest. But, for example, and that’s happening now, it turns out I’ve left out a lot. A shadow piece that is unseen and is living its own life.

So no, my life is not always just sparkling. I’m not very cheerful walking in the dunes, welcoming  my aggression, anger and frustration. I do not really want to accept anything that smells like animal behaviour. Welcoming that, is for now just a mental practice.

But with much motivation, because I realize that masks in whatever shape, hinder me from making contact. With me. With the painting. With you.

And I know, from years of experience, that there is also a harvest time. As I expand the fullness of my existence, I see that back in my paintings. My paintings reflect my growth in clarity, fullness and layering. And that’s a very big gift. A gift that I would like to share with you.

conjunction – lesson one


After the first lesson, I have to rewrite my introduction (read the introduction here). Because, as I have observed more often in my life, that what I want to create; for example, the connection between energy-work and art, has long been there. It is up to me to expose that connection so that I can work with it consciously

What did I learn?

I learned how to connect with Love to the (information) Stream. That actually, you can only get valuable information from the Stream if you connect with true Love.

What I further found is that between what is received from the Stream and bringing the information into words, I have a big barrier. (once put there out of protection) So that means that I get the information, and happily I can make paintings with this, -Eureka! – but .. when I need to speak out and expose myself into words that are so often inadequate , then the information becomes vague. And I do not trust myself any-more.

And that’s exactly what I’m looking for: how can I get that information so clear that for me it is   just  as “true” as it is that I’m Hanneke. Because only if that is the case I can build with it.

I do trust the information when I am working in the studio. Only then the info from the Stream,  flows directly through my brush, on to the canvas. Then I can read on the canvas what is said between the Stream and the brush; meaning:  I’m not in between.
If I try to listen to their conversation, then again, I do not trust (because of the blockade) the information any-more, which means that I am not working from Love and it is impossible to make a good Loving painting.

When I  discover and investigate a blockade, it begins (usually) directly to break down. I am looking forward to the free flow and the confidence that will set free.

Conjunction – Art and Energy-work


Since 2013, I am developing more and more fun in energy work. Every time I am surprised how much I know without knowing it. Very often I thought: Ah, so this is what  I do in my studio.

Art and energy work are close related to each other. They are both worlds in which nothing but the naked truth matters. Painful or not, the naked truth … that’s Love. That’s what I want to give myself and the world.

Today, in my practice “energy work” and “art” do not really go hand in hand . And I would like to see it like that. So, time for action: I started at the healing academy a six-days course, spread over 3 months. In this blog (# conjunction *) I will investigate six times if and how the connection between these two worlds (the conjunction) will be established.

About the blogtexts:
The texts are written from out the research, they are not clear final conclusions.
A certain period after the course, once the knowledge has found its way into my system, I will expand every blog with a retrospective view.
The word Love will occur very very often.
‘The Stream’, ‘The Cosmos’ or ‘The Universe’ I use for the same purpose.
‘Painting’ represents all kinds of art I make. So also collages, meetings, projects and whatever I want to create.

About the healing academy:
The healing academy was founded by Amanda Bouman, with her I also follow the student-reader course. I already followed a course with her already 6x (!) And she keeps me amazed. How much she knows, but especially how outrageous and so she loves her lesson. With all her knowledge and her good connection with the universe, she has a lot of room for the lessons to the students, to what is needed that day. The previous courses went through Amanda’s own practice. This is the first program I follow through the healing academy. I’m curious.