The last supper



Harry Brusche invited 100 former students to take part in the exhibition the last supper which marks his farewell from the AKI. I gladly accepted this invitation, much fun to work in commission like in the old days, especially for one of the bright lights of the AKI. The work is now on its way to Enschede. (there is music in that sentence) Where the opening will be at Tankstation Cultureel Vulpunt, Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede, October 6 17:00. Open intil 27th Oct.


The last supper

Chickens smell honey
I tell you
Cancer did an asana
“Rooster on the haystack”
a clever attempt
to save his ass

his voice betrayed him

from the hole
with his mouth full of roast
the prompter

whether it was of any good

behind the scenes
the eternal holiday
already started