wholeshare – walk

Wholeshare Walk

The wholeshare-walk is looking through each other’s eyes. We watch in silence, I share what I see and invite you to do the same. Enriched with someone else’s eyes we look again. That is the basic concept. It is every time a surprise how it goes. (you can read more down on this page)


wholeshare walk – Sonsbeek Arnhem


Reactions after the wholeshare-walk in Sonsbeek:

“What a lovely and special experience this wholeshare-walk. You created a relaxed atmosphere and challenged us pleasantly  to share with each other the impressions for each work of art. I enjoyed it!”

Yvonne Jongejan “I had a very special afternoon at the outdoor exhibition Sonsbeek!
It is beautiful to see how you showed us the beautiful grounds and along the various objects.
Sometimes in silence, or expressed amazement, touched by the story and the story behind and always with attention and in connection. You do this great and good! Thank you.”

wholeshare-walk (wholeshare-sail) at Laagtij Den Haag

wholeshare-walk (wholeshare-sail) at Laagtij Den Haag

reactions after wholeshare-walk Rotterdam:

Ton: “You showed me that there is something in front or just behind the actual work where something can ‘happen’, something I did not noticed before (…) Together roaming the exhibition; also by other members of this group I discovered works which I initially.. passed. “

“It was a little too busy to keep the whole group together. As a result, we went around in smaller groups with varying compositions, which was also interesting, and occasionally also fine too be alone. I am curious how it will go in a large empty museum, will the group still swarm out after a while? ”