Kunstverkenners weer op reis


Art Scout “welcome” in Broekland at Arno Kramers

Art Scouts on the road again

After sleepovers all over the Netherlands and even a couple abroad, the 25 Art Scouts are currently traveling to Het Bouwhuis. (dutch) There stories are filling my mailbox.

It has become a broad spectrum of stories: from dramatic despair to euphoric joy. And in between there is a lot of searching for harmony. Sounds familiar to me.

If everyone and everything has arrived, I will make a plan with the gallery how to exhibit the project, the works and their stories at Lightweight. (dutch)

What is very impressive for me at this moment is that the works are so carefully watched. And that before the exhibition began. And I can touch and share this given attention by the reports. What a gift!


Art Scout at Edwin and Pleuntje Zondervan

“the unveiling of the artwork” at Edwin and Pleuntje Zondervan

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