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wholeshare – walk

Wholeshare Walk

The wholeshare-walk is looking through each other’s eyes. We watch in silence, I share what I see and invite you to do the same. Enriched with someone else’s eyes we look again. That is the basic concept. It is every time a surprise how it goes. (you can read more down on this page)


wholeshare walk – Sonsbeek Arnhem


Reactions after the wholeshare-walk in Sonsbeek:

“What a lovely and special experience this wholeshare-walk. You created a relaxed atmosphere and challenged us pleasantly  to share with each other the impressions for each work of art. I enjoyed it!”

Yvonne Jongejan “I had a very special afternoon at the outdoor exhibition Sonsbeek!
It is beautiful to see how you showed us the beautiful grounds and along the various objects.
Sometimes in silence, or expressed amazement, touched by the story and the story behind and always with attention and in connection. You do this great and good! Thank you.”

wholeshare-walk (wholeshare-sail) at Laagtij Den Haag

wholeshare-walk (wholeshare-sail) at Laagtij Den Haag

reactions after wholeshare-walk Rotterdam:

Ton: “You showed me that there is something in front or just behind the actual work where something can ‘happen’, something I did not noticed before (…) Together roaming the exhibition; also by other members of this group I discovered works which I initially.. passed. “

“It was a little too busy to keep the whole group together. As a result, we went around in smaller groups with varying compositions, which was also interesting, and occasionally also fine too be alone. I am curious how it will go in a large empty museum, will the group still swarm out after a while? ”

9 x looking with your toes in Lettele

During the exhibition Lightweight in Lettele, I have 9 sessions “looking with your toes”  to give.

What is it?  What we will do: You will get a (Chinese) foot massage (reiki influenced) while sitting between art. It is an experiment to look at art from your toes (instead of your head). After the foot massage we ask (through a series of questions) words to come on paper. Also check out this post.
Every morning, two hours before the exhibition opens, I have place for one (or, if you like to enjoy silence together, for two) people.

If you are interested, please contact me for an appointment.
There are no costs, but if you want you can give a voluntary donation.
Time: 11:00. dates in October: 22, 23, 29, 30. In November: 6, 12, 13, 19, 20.
Note: Its my birthday the 5th of November. And it would be nice if someone would do a session with me this morning… Is there someone out there who would like and can do that?
kijken vanuit je tenen

looking with your toes

Kunstverkenners weer op reis


Art Scout “welcome” in Broekland at Arno Kramers

Art Scouts on the road again

After sleepovers all over the Netherlands and even a couple abroad, the 25 Art Scouts are currently traveling to Het Bouwhuis. (dutch) There stories are filling my mailbox.

It has become a broad spectrum of stories: from dramatic despair to euphoric joy. And in between there is a lot of searching for harmony. Sounds familiar to me.

If everyone and everything has arrived, I will make a plan with the gallery how to exhibit the project, the works and their stories at Lightweight. (dutch)

What is very impressive for me at this moment is that the works are so carefully watched. And that before the exhibition began. And I can touch and share this given attention by the reports. What a gift!


Art Scout at Edwin and Pleuntje Zondervan

“the unveiling of the artwork” at Edwin and Pleuntje Zondervan

read more about Art Scouts

The last supper



Harry Brusche invited 100 former students to take part in the exhibition the last supper which marks his farewell from the AKI. I gladly accepted this invitation, much fun to work in commission like in the old days, especially for one of the bright lights of the AKI. The work is now on its way to Enschede. (there is music in that sentence) Where the opening will be at Tankstation Cultureel Vulpunt, Deurningerstraat 28, Enschede, October 6 17:00. Open intil 27th Oct.


The last supper

Chickens smell honey
I tell you
Cancer did an asana
“Rooster on the haystack”
a clever attempt
to save his ass

his voice betrayed him

from the hole
with his mouth full of roast
the prompter

whether it was of any good

behind the scenes
the eternal holiday
already started

Hanneke guest-artist at KunstPost


Sunday, September 25 I will be a guestartist at KunstPost. A organisation running (ao) the Open Studio’s Haagse Hout. They offered me a place in het Diamant Theater. To be clear: this is not my own studio, I will be with my works a guest on this Open Studio’s. That’ll be fun! Come meet and / or watch and listen: In addition to ongoing visual arts, there will be from 13:30 to 16:30 classical music, starting every hour. More info here



Looking with your Toes


About my passion for looking:

I am amazed about the difference between the sensory experience and intellectual perception. My sensory perception is rather bombastic. My brains having hard work to bring everything back to simple things like: table, computer, man, car, etc. But brains have the tendency to work to hard, and before you know it, they run wild and you stand before a painting and the only thing you hear is “this is a painting” ….

But .. How does this painting feel? And can I also see this painting from my toes?

In my project “looking with your toes,” you will sit between art while your feet are massaged. After the massage we will let, through some questions, whirl down words into a poem.

“Artist present” during exhibition Lightweight – Lettele (NL)


In October opens the exhibition “Lightweight” in Het Bouwhuis – Lettele. My work will be on display along with the works of Danielle van Broekhoven and Falco Pols.

Above the exhibition-space there is a residency. Here I will live and work throughout the exhibition. That will cause two things: a lot of meetings ans a lot of silence, I am looking forward to both.

At this moment I am busy organizing meetings in the exhibition. A little bit further in time, I will post more about this.