opening Lightweight Atelier Het Bouwhuis

Last Sunday on the opening of Ligtweight. On the website of Het Bouwhuis, you’ll read all about this exhibition.. in Dutch.. but, with pictures that give a beautiful overview!  In this blog, I will show some pictures of the opening.

Exhibition open until 20 Nov 2016. Sa-Su 13:00-17:00 Cröddendijk 8, Lettele Netherlands

a report in pictures of the opening

bezoekers op de expositie Lichtgewicht in Atelier Het Bouwhuis

In the sunshine I am enjoying to receive guests from 16 years of my art-practice. Guests full of attention and colour. What a joy.  (photo Ton Harland)

expo Lichtgewicht Hanneke van der Werf Henriette Hogewind

Henriette Hogewind opens the exhibition. With a spark of the work from all 3 the artists in the background. (photo Ton Harland)

expositie Lichtgewicht Hanneke van der Werf

Sunshine sunshine sunshine

kunstverkenners collages van Hanneke van der Werf

A corner with Artscouts. Most of them are in the other location from Het Bouwhuis: in the Grote Overstraat 63  Deventer. Openingstimes of this location: Wed-Sa 10:30 -17:30 (photo Frans Rentink)

Hanneke van der Werf bezoekers

Guests outside, enjoying the art; sun and each other. Beautiful location. (foto Ton Harland)

Hanneke viert een warm weerzien op de expo Lichtgewicht

Warm reunion with dear people (we go way back into the last century)

beeldentuin Falco Pols

Art (and artist) out in the open (photo Ton Harland)


Falco Pols tells about his serene sound-art, standing before my “shrimp-grass-girl”