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Side Program during Lightweight in Lettele – Netherlands

side program Lightweight

In my artistic practice, ingredients are endless to find in the multitude, the wholeness. Not only visual, but also “in the presence”. Therefore, next to my visual exhibition I organised a side program, in which I myself as well as others have been invited to contribute “in the presence“.

We ended up with three people. From the conviction that every human being serves the world at its best by doing what she loves to do, we asked ourselves: What is it that you currently would love to give yourself (and thus the world)? Let’s do that!

Judith Veldhoen is the artist of the self-portrait and versatile teacher. She will give the all-inclusive workshop “Naturally” in which we will make a selfportrait in silence, in the end we will invite words to gather. I’ve already signed up (and am also an assistant). (More info below)

Wendy Sasse is an inspiring energy worker and keen thinker for the transition. “Come and get your story” is the invitation that she does. An invitation to come and tell your story, with Wendy hearing you and asking questions from her reading experience. I will assist as visual secretary. (More info below)

Hanneke van der Werf -thats me. An artist showing the wholeness in the multitude. I exhibit my visual work, and give “Looking with your toes.” An experiment in looking, where you are sitting in the exhibition while your feet are massaged, wrapped up with the invitation to language to show itself. (More info below)

datum activiteit wie tijd
Zo 16 okt Opening 16:00
Za 22 okt Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Zo 23 okt Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Vr 28 okt Come and pick up your story Wendy 11:00
Za 29 okt Naturally Judith 13:00
Zo 30 okt Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Vr 4 nov Come and pick up your story Wendy 11:00
Za 5 nov Birthday! 43! Welcome! there will be tasty stuff! Hanneke 13:00
Vr 11 nov Come and pick up your story Wendy 11:00
Za 12 nov Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Zo 13 nov Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Vr 18 nov Come and pick up your story Wendy 11:00
Za 19 nov Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00
Zo 20 nov Looking with your toes Hanneke 11:00


Judith Veldhoen has long been fascinated by the endless roles that a self-portrait can play. She works until the space between her and the work is gone and she feels the specific role from the work in every fiber of her being.

Especially for the exhibition Lightweight Judith organizes a workshop in which we will explore in silence the self-portrait with up to 10 people. Judith will introduce us in practical and philosophical knowledge about the self portrait, so we will be well prepared to step into our own reflection.

The work period will take place in silence and ends with questions that invite words to whirl down in a poem.

We conclude with a aftermath, here we present our work together with a drink and something to nibble.

Saturday, October 29 13:00 – 17: 00h

Investment: € 50, – including snacks and material. Maximum number of participants 10. (request by e-mail:

Come and pick up your story

Wendy Sasse, has, like me, a warm heart for transition of the society. Her contribution lies in the social field; getting people enthusiastic for transition. My contribution lies in shaping; translating the transition into images. She invites you to come and pick up your story. Where you will come, and tell your story while Wendy is watching you from her reading experience and I assist as a visual secretary. During the conversation, which can vary in length from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, we will invite together the untold story to show.

Afterwards you will send you your story with illustration.

On Fridays (28 October and  4, 11, 18 November) 11: 00h

Investment: voluntary contribution. Maximum number of participants one every Friday. (Specify by email

Looking with your toes

During “looking with your toes“, I massage your feet while sitting in the exhibition (before it opens). It is an experiment in looking: Can you watch from your feet and what do you see?

In order to capture the experience, the experiment terminates in words. We invite the words by asking to whirl down on paper.

22-23-30 October, 12-13-19-20 November 11: 00h

Investment: voluntary contribution. Maximum number of participants: 1, or as you can be very well silent together: 2. (request by e-mail

All the festivities take place in the Bouwhuis the Cröddendijk 8 in Lettele – Netherlands

The books are open again! The Loving Art investment 2016-2019

There is an opportunity to invest in Art, Artistry and Art-enjoyment!

yes! yes! one more time: yes!


If you sign up for the loving art investment, you put in an amount every month for three years. After three years I throw 25% on your deposited amount and for the total you can pick up a piece of  my art. A win win win situation. (more information you’ll find here)

After a successful first year with a lot of enthusiastic feedback from the first wave of the loving art investors, books are now open for the second round. If you want to join, or want to know more, feel free to contact me.

Registration for the loving art investment 2016-2019 possible until the end of November 2016.

opening Lightweight Atelier Het Bouwhuis

Last Sunday on the opening of Ligtweight. On the website of Het Bouwhuis, you’ll read all about this exhibition.. in Dutch.. but, with pictures that give a beautiful overview!  In this blog, I will show some pictures of the opening.

Exhibition open until 20 Nov 2016. Sa-Su 13:00-17:00 Cröddendijk 8, Lettele Netherlands

a report in pictures of the opening

bezoekers op de expositie Lichtgewicht in Atelier Het Bouwhuis

In the sunshine I am enjoying to receive guests from 16 years of my art-practice. Guests full of attention and colour. What a joy.  (photo Ton Harland)

expo Lichtgewicht Hanneke van der Werf Henriette Hogewind

Henriette Hogewind opens the exhibition. With a spark of the work from all 3 the artists in the background. (photo Ton Harland)

expositie Lichtgewicht Hanneke van der Werf

Sunshine sunshine sunshine

kunstverkenners collages van Hanneke van der Werf

A corner with Artscouts. Most of them are in the other location from Het Bouwhuis: in the Grote Overstraat 63  Deventer. Openingstimes of this location: Wed-Sa 10:30 -17:30 (photo Frans Rentink)

Hanneke van der Werf bezoekers

Guests outside, enjoying the art; sun and each other. Beautiful location. (foto Ton Harland)

Hanneke viert een warm weerzien op de expo Lichtgewicht

Warm reunion with dear people (we go way back into the last century)

beeldentuin Falco Pols

Art (and artist) out in the open (photo Ton Harland)


Falco Pols tells about his serene sound-art, standing before my “shrimp-grass-girl”