2016 -2017 New Year’s speech

Last December I looked back on 2016 and forward to 2017 together with a bunch of beautiful people. It was a day organized by “Ruimte voor Helden” and Bruno van den Elshout. It was in preparation for the New Year’s speeches we were all going to write for ourselves. The speech that I wrote, Janine Schrijver read to me at the final meeting in January. She is a friend, but also an artist where I feel related to. It was a beautiful day with all these beautiful people and a lot of intense, open and brutal honest plans. Grateful and proud that I was part of it. I share with you my New Year’s speech:

Janine reads my New Year’s speech. (Photo and photo on the background Bruno van den Elshout)

dear Hanneke

How nice that you live on earth.


The year you gave yourself completely in exposing yourself to welcome the people; in themselves, on earth and in your art. The year that you literally touched art lovers by giving them foot massages.

You were touched as well, for exactly what you wanted happened: people felt really welcome in themselves! And from there they could see and experience the art (and the world) much more intense. You could convey how beautiful the world is, how beautiful you experience it. You could share … finally.

..and That was just the beginning. Because you have last year, made great strides in your artistry. In how to share and how to share this too is part again of your artistry.
The clear words that you have found here, started to gain strength during the year. Culminating in the exhibition in Lettele and Deventer (NL). You were moved how you smoothly the sharing went, but no longer surprised.
Surprised (and a little pride) you were by the constantly busyness throughout the exhibition. There was contact, in many different ways with many different people. And you could do that: You could share without giving yourself away.
That is the result of much work, with the help of beautiful people (teachers). By the way; you’re increasingly surrounding yourself with beautiful people.

Yes, you can look around you at this point.

Here you are, 2017. And you just go on.

Please continue with the ease of someone who knows that she is exactly enough. Who knows that not only she, but everything is exactly as it should be. Go on in 2017 by enjoying grateful and joyful; bless every moment in full acceptance that Love knows no good and evil. Accept the love that you get in all forms, in full love for yourself.

You are Love.

After all outgoing movements of recent times, you started this year with an inward movement: 2 months in your studio, to follow the path of the image.
“Is this stain really needed in this world?” You muttered in your studio. But Hanneke, I repeat; bless every moment in full acceptance that Love knows no good and evil. You have come up with so many excuses to make something beautiful. Forget the excuses, do the world a favor, do Hanneke a favor  and Create. Unabashedly make mistakes. Unabashedly make something beautiful. Create with everything you have everything you are …

Unabashed uncompromising painting. Sounds like something to look forward to.

And then .. Share. Go on in that way you are embarked on. Share the beauty with the same attention as you created it. Develop the sharing in an art form in itself.
I am curious about the words you are going to find for this. Because there is still much to be gained in the field of communication. There roams a hungry group of benevolent art lovers, who want to find you and your colleagues. Do something with that.

For example, research and develop, together with beautiful people, the shape of “the new gallery” where you can meet. A place where artists and art lovers share their abundance. A place where value is reassessed. A place with fertile ground for ideas about sharing, ideas that are already in development.

Hanneke dear, I wish you a very beautiful year, full of Surrendering. Where you 100% love yourself, so that you can enjoy 100% of the world and the world can enjoy 100% of you.

Lots of fun.