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2016 -2017 New Year’s speech

Last December I looked back on 2016 and forward to 2017 together with a bunch of beautiful people. It was a day organized by “Ruimte voor Helden” and Bruno van den Elshout. It was in preparation for the New Year’s speeches we were all going to write for ourselves. The speech that I wrote, Janine Schrijver read to me at the final meeting in January. She is a friend, but also an artist where I feel related to. It was a beautiful day with all these beautiful people and a lot of intense, open and brutal honest plans. Grateful and proud that I was part of it. I share with you my New Year’s speech:

Janine reads my New Year’s speech. (Photo and photo on the background Bruno van den Elshout)

dear Hanneke

How nice that you live on earth.

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