why sharing has become part of my art practice

A successful artist is an artist who makes art.

That was my motto for a long time. I was pleased with enough space, time, attention and courage to create. My work developed.

But my motivation to paint was decreasing. Instead I started collaborations, collaborative projects and 3D paintings – installation art. Art of a more temporary nature; To be seen during an exhibition and then its gone.

It took a while before slowly, my work started to take durable forms again. And when I was delighted about a piece of paper that turned out beautiful , I get all emotional and suddenly I see where the strain comes from. I want to share. Who can I share this delight with?

The world is tilting we shift from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. The world is abundant. If  I really want to live my life based on this knowledge, and I do, I have to investigate what my abundance is and how I can share it.

1% of people seem to own 50% of the money in the world. Fixing energy (and everything is energy) distorts the natural flow. I suddenly saw how my art-storage disrupted the flow. I behaved exactly like the 1%. Sharing is a prerequisite for abundance.

I realized that I had to review my definition of a successful artist. It had to be a linear circular definition:

A successful artist is an artist who makes art and shares this in a meaningful way; a way that stimulates the creation process.

PS: I have donated the paper to one of my art collectors.

May 17, 2017