New Year’s speech 2018 – An invitation

In February, in a blog I shared my New Year’s speech 2017. Today I read him again, as I did a number of times over the past year. Most often at times I did not know clearly what would be my next step. Today, I’m touched again by the lovingly attentive way I express myself to myself in this new year’s speech.
The carefully chosen words, which are also read by someone I love and with public; The words are shared and therefore extra powerful. They give me a valuable resting point throughout the year.

The New Year’s speech reflects on what’s going on. Gives shape to the ever-expanding life, which I describe myself as “shaping the ever-expanding ways of perceiving”. Important matters about which I write here.

Important enough to be very happy with the opportunity I received to e part of the organisation of this year’s new year’s speech 2018!

Meanwhile, I have two “meetings” with Bruno, Yvonne and Marc / Space for Heroes, and these were very pleasant gatherings in the sphere of connection, wholeness and love. It can’t go wrong with the  2018 New Year’s speech!

I warmly welcome you to experience the new year’s speech 2018.

Below a piece of the invitation text. The whole text is read here in dutch.

A special opportunity to look forward in good company to what is in store for you in 2018.

That’s where we want to invite you to with the New Year’s speech 2018. To pay attention to all that 2017 brought you, and consciously choose the intentions that you want to travel with in the coming year. And to find the words that give you strength, direction and confidence to do what you’re ought to be doing in 2018. This, by writing your own New Year’s speech, and being read to you by someone dear to you. read more (in dutch)