Enjoying Art

Why sharing have become part of my art practice

A successful artist is an artist who makes art. That used to be my motto. I was glad I had enough space, time, attention and guts to create. Until my motivation began to tan and, after extensive research, how this was possible (read my blog post), I realized that art should be enjoyed and I had to redefine my definition of a successful artist. It changed from a linear into a circular definition:

A successful artist is an artist who creates art and shares this a meaningful way; a way that stimulates the creation process.

In the search of how I can share my artworks meaningfully, it soon became clear that I also have artistic passion. More to share! Below are projects in which I research how artwork and art passion are meaningfully shared.


Art Scouts – 2017

Art Scouts are collages that will stay with you for a while.  Read more

Wholeshare – walk
Wholeshare – walk – look through each other’s eyes

It is wonderful to start a conversation with art. To whisper together personified stories of faith, comfort, hope, courage and love, complete with their opposites; despair, sadness, fear and stagnation.

During the Wholeshare-walk, I am present and share my eyes through: silence – sharing – silence. We watch in silence, I tell what I see and invite you to share what you see. Then we look in silence. That’s the basic idea. It’s always different and we see how it will grow.

Invitations to the Wholeshare – walk, you’ll find in Wholeshare – news, (you can subscribe here) and can be found in the agenda. Be welcome, sign up by mail or phone, or just be there.

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Looking with your toes

In the project “looking with your toes”, I massage your feet in the presence of art. It is a experiment to examen looking. You can watch from your toos and if you can, what do you see?

In order to capture this experience, the experiment ends with words. We invite the words kindly by asking questions, to whirl down on paper.