Art in your life

Space for art

The many roads to art

rent art
For when you like to pick art for me for the walls of your house / company
You can rent work for 1% of the purchase value, with a minimum amount of € 10 and a maximum amount of € 50 per month. (The amount paid is deducted from any purchase of the work)

art-changing subscription
For when you like to be surprised what I am choosing for you
From € 130 per month I come to furnish your space with art 3 times a year (Of course this will be set up in consultation).

buy art
for when you have fallen in love and want to marry a work of art
Your heart beats faster and you would love to give your “yes-word”. Yes! Let’s walk through life together! Then you can buy the work immediately. (part-payment is possible)

support art
for when it comes to your heart that art is made
You would love to contribute to art, without consideration. That’s allowed! Let us like to hear from you, we look together at a suitable form.

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