Energy Portraits

energy portraits

what is an energy portrait?

Painting and energy work combine in an autonomous work of art that depicts the energy of the person portrayed. You for example.

how does that work?
You indicate that you are interested and then I look (in the energy) whether you can be portrayed by me.
Can I do it, then you come to my studio for an intake, or we make a skype call. We become acquainted and we investigate the reason that you want the portrait to be made. There are several reasons why you want a portrait to be painted.

Maybe it fits into your family tradition, in which every generation has his portrait painted. And you want that too, but in your own way.
Perhaps you are very fond of art and at the same time very curious how your energy looks visually.
Maybe you trust completly that “what wants to be seen” will show up?

Perhaps you want to use the entire process as support for a process in which you are involved? Or as the completion of a process that you just finished?

I will start working after the intake.
You are not physically present while I am painting. The energy connection I work with is not location-specific and can be perfectly done from my workplace, wherever you are.

When I am working, I make contact with you in energy. You can notice that. Not everyone notices that, but if you sit down for it, you may notice it. Because I am with you with my energy, healing also takes place. The connection is through the unconditional love of the universe. And we (both) get something from that.

What do we get from that? That is very different. Again: some people do not notice it. Others, for example, get extra energy, suddenly feel their heart chakra flow, suddenly get an insight that has long dormant, or … there is just sadness that has long since dormanted. It can be done in any direction.

I let you know when I work on your portrait.


Hanneke between 9 energy portraits (2018)

what does that look like?
On a linen canvas of 45 x 45 cm, I paint in acrylic-paint – with everything I have and am – a painting. What comes out is a surprise. There appears what wants to be seen at that moment. I am guided by your energy, my painter’s hands, my eyes.
The paintings are all unmistakable from my painter’s hand. In my painting language (which is quite diverse) your energy appears.
So I can not really say anything about the result. What I can say is that I carefully paint through until it is a painting that I would love to see in a museum. Which means that it is not only an urgent act of loving attention, but that it also has a visual quality that you can keep getting lost in. Who continues to surprise me. The painting must be larger than I can understand. Then it’s done.

To give the full scope to the process, I take 3 months to work on the painting.

Then you come to know the work. Now you see the work for the first time. We take time for that. If you see it for the first time, it can be a confusing experience. There can be resistance, it can be emotional, questions can arise, it can be very loving, or maybe you react very flat?
It is the first acquaintance.
Then you take the work home for the real acquaintance.
You get some tips / tricks to enrich your contact.

After about three months we have contact again and we meet again (at your home) about the course of your meeting.

rate 2019
energy portrait including intake, unveiling, home visit, photos of the phases * (and 9% VAT) € 1500, –

* additional
During the work, I take pictures of the intermediate phases. You will receive these photos after you have got to know the final work well. Presumably that is towards the end of the three months.