Energy Portraits


What is an energy portrait?

Painting and spirituality combine in an exclusive autonomous and very personal work of art that represents the energy of the portrayed. Yours, for example.

How does that work?
You indicate that you are interested and then I look (in the energy) if you can be portrayed by me. Then you come to my studio for an intake. We get to know each other and the expectations and wishes.

Why do you want to be portrayed?
There are several reasons why you want a portrait painted. Here’s a grab:

It fits into your family tradition, in which every generation had their portrait painted. And you want that to, but in your special way.
Or maybe you are very curious what your energy looks like in a Hanneke painting?
Maybe you are looking for an exclusive artwork made especially for you (or someone else).
You can also use it as a reminder of who you really are and what you really want, making contact with your painting is also making contact with yourself.
For example, can it serve as support for a process that you are in. Or as the completion of a process that you have just come out of.
Or  you might have a completely different reason!

After the intake, I’ll get to work.
You don’t have to be physically present. The energy connection I work with is not place-bound and can take place from my workshop, wherever you are.

When I’m working, I’m in touch with your energy. Not everyone notices that, but if you sit quietly, you may notice. Because my energy is with you, through the connection of unconditional love also healing takes place.

What is the effect of te healing energy?
That’s very different. Here too: some people don’t notice at all. Others, for example, get extra energy, suddenly feel their heart chakra flow, suddenly gain an insight that has long been dormant, or.. It’s just grief that’s been dormant for a long time. It can go either way. The energy knows where it is most helpfull.

I’ll let you know when I’m working on your portrait so you can observe yourself in what’s happening or what’s not happening.

What does the workproces look like?
A painting session starts for me with a meditation, in which I tune in to your energy. Tuned in, I’ll paint your portrait. What comes out is a surprise, even for me. It emerges what wants to be seen in your energy at that moment. My painter’s hands, painter’s eyes and energetic feelers, do the rest. In my painting language, your energy comes out.

I paint with attention until it is a painting, which I would love to see in a museum. Which means that it is not only an urgent act of loving attention, but that it also has a visual quality that you can continue to get lost in. Who keeps surprising myself. Beyond the mind, I feel it’s true. Then it’s done.

To give full space to the process, I take 3 months to work on the painting. All this time, you don’t see the work. It’s not until it’s finished that you get to know the work. It is a beautiful and exciting moment such a first meeting and we take all the time for that. With relaxed viewing exercises, I will guide you through this.

After about three months after you have the painting at home, we are in contact again and we talk about the portret iin your life. Then you also get the photo booklet* about the genesis process.

rate 2021
energy portrait
45cm x 45cm linen € 1650,-
80cm x 80cm linen € 2900,-
other sizes possible after consultation
prices include list intake, unveiling, aftercare, photo booklet* (and 9% VAT)

* photo booklet
During the work I take pictures of the intermediate phases, you get a booklet, so that you can see afterwards how the work grew through time.