Energy Work

Science of Freedom and Energy Work

Let’s assume that freedom is: Not having a choice.
And let’s assume that having a choice is confusion.
Then the science of freedom is to acquire, examine, and disseminate knowledge how to clarify confusion.

confusion about your life or your business
Everybody walks around with confusion: What is my individuality? Where should I go? I see a million choices, but which belongs to me? Or you know very well what your individuality is, but you can not manage to fully live and / or get into the world. Maybe you feel like you’re being hold back? Stopped? And do you ask yourself: am I in my place? Do I do what I have to do? What kind of invisible wall does cause that I lose my focus every time? How do I feel? Do I really feel myself?

We all have a life behind us, from very early on you synchronize with your environment. You adopt ideas, ideas, judgments of your family, your country etc. These ideas can become unconscious beliefs, I call them your myths. “That’s just like that” “I’m just like that”. You are going to act to it, and this way you create your personal patterns.

Example: You are a toddler and you notice that your parents like it better when you laugh than when you cry. And like it better when you are sweet than when you are grumpy. Unconsciously you are pushing away emotions, to get positive love and attention. Then you have developed a pattern in which you put your own feelings behind to favor those of the other. You live with the myth that love is conditional: You get love when you put your own feeling at the bottom of the list.

I like to work with you to expose your myths, and the patterns resulting from them. We investigate where it hurts. By recieving a reading from me, about your confusion, you can look at yourself with different eyes. A helicopter view that can give you clarity.
And in clarity your individuality is given the opportunity to show itself. “Hello here I am.” When you are in clear-contact with your individuality, you can show youself what you want; need, and what you have to do for it.

More about readings

how I was hooked by energy work

2012 was a particularly confusing year for me. I lost all the certainties that I thought I had. And in 2013 I was still so confused that I decided to seek help (very special for me at that moment) Looking for guidance, I got a reading that hit me full in the face. And that directed me to pay attention to my sensitivity. I signed in on an energy work- course and was so completely swept away from my feet during the very first exercise, that I was completly convinced about the impact energy had on my life. After some time, I have reluctantly acknowledged that I am particularly highly sensitive. For me, that felt like I was coming out the clauset for myself. I functioned essentially differently than I had always thought. A discovery that made me finally understand many issues that I had endured during my life. The invisible bears on my way, which I regularly stumbled across, suddenly became visible. With a few lessons of energy work, I could ask them to dance carefully.

dancing with the bears

I was totally hooked and the energy courses followed each other. It was all new and at the same time also well-known. In my painting work, I also unconsciously used a lot of energy work.
By now, the energetic knowledge is pleasantly mixing with my knowledge of art and my love of words. I call it all together: the science of freedom.

The science of Freedom is about realizing that you are an autonomous being. That you are free. That is everyone, but there is often something in the way to experience this. The science of freedom does not actually investigate the light (freedom), because that is just there, but that what is blocking the light (the confusion) and how to unblock it, to make your light visible again.

Hanneke van der Werf