Hanneke, scientist of freedom

Once upon a time, I tried to study communication, but soon I realized I needed to build my own communication study, so I switched to art school. I started researching what my eyes see and how my brain juggle this information into “what I think I see”, almost 20 years ago, and I’m still busy. By now I know I look (receive) with so much more than just my eyes and my brain. I travel through time and dimensions to catch the resonance of the now and the future, so I can help, through my art, to build the new language.

It’s a language about unifying, wholeness and love.

As I write it in my artist statement:

Every experience enriches me, changes me. It automatically sets in motion a process of redefining me and my work. Again and again, I start from the baseline.

I am living ‘the investigation’: Explore the experience of the emerging wholeness of life and find a way to communicate this research. It finds settlement in installations; paintings; words; drawings; collages; encounters and life.

I want to report a fluid universe: Where everything is in motion and yet, in the centre there is a deafening silence. –         – In this silence, you can experience no moral, no restrictions, no judgement, no mercy and no compromises: Everything is.

What I decide to expose, I classify as a present, it excites me to share:

Look what I got for you, an honest, brutal, intense all-inclusive love-affair; the experience of wholeness.

expanding freedom
With everything I have and am, I look around me. The constant flow of information makes an amalgation with everything I had and was. I build images from this fluid point, so I can share how touching and beautiful, huge, painful, entertaining, packed and silence I experience life.

The life that inevitably is part of my artistry: Discoveries in my life I see reflected in my work and in my work I find paths to the blind spots in my life. If I have mapped such uncharted territory, I’m surprised how my sight and therefore my freedom experience so much more space. Expanding observation goes equally with the expanding freedom.

The language of the future
Stories of Love and Connection appear under my hands, stories with the desire to experience wholeness in life, and spread this experience. An old story in the language of the future.

With more and more different ingredients, I show in the plurality, the wholeness. The various manuscripts, times, media, the words, the colors, the presence, the brilliants and filth, they are like an orchestra where everything from coughs in the audience until the solo of the cello, is essential for the whole.

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