reading and healing

When you get a reading, I watch with you what’s going on

How does that work, when I am watching with you what is going on; when I am reading?
Everything is energy and energy is information. You have e.g. an energy body, you have auras and chakras. They all carry information with them. My work is to capture and convert energetic information to a language that you can understand.

This energetic information is not time or place bound. I can also read the information elsewhere in the world or in the past. I can not read everything though, sometimes the information is not available. There may be several reasons for this. And I can not say anything about the future,  because it is not fixed, so that is only potential; a possibility. And I talk with you about things that matter to you today. Not about vague possibilities.

For companies it works exactly the same. Companies also have energy fields that are full of information. And here too it is my job to interpret the energy into information that is accessible to you and helps you to gain new insights about your company.

Why a Business Reading
Actually for the same reason as you as a human being: it pinches somewhere, and it just does not work to put your finger on the sore spot. At a company, you naturally search in other places if things are not going well. Perhaps you have had a merger and still have doubts about the next step. Or you do not understand where customers stay or stayed? Maybe you have a new product in mind and do you doubt the potential? Or maybe you generally feel that there is more potential in your company than comes out? Just a few questions to give you an idea what we can look at.

Why I like to give business readings.
Business reading helps good ideas into the world. I have a big heart for everyone who is involved in circular business operations. How we interact with each other and how we deal with the earth must be swift and rigorous. Many good ideas do not get as easily physical form as they are conceived in the mind. With business reading I like to contribute to getting good ideas into the world.

Why I like do readings with people.
The world is hungry for people who follow their hearts, who are their authentic beautiful selves in this world, and thus let their light shine. That requires trust, courage and perseverance and sometimes you get stuck on invisible bears on the road. Or very visible but indomitable bears. I like to help to make bears visible, or to find the sting in the indomitable bear. So you can dance with your bears and you can all together illuminate the world.

private reading € 70, –
company reading € 85, –

Healing – Reiki

Clarity and insight (eg through a reading) can bring to light that something wants/needs to be healed. Healing is giving attention to pain together. This can be painful topical pain, for example due to a big shock, but we can also pay attention to the past and look at pain that you have had carefully hidden away. You can also replace the word “attention” with “energy” or “love”.
Everyone always has access to the immense flow of unconditional Love of the Universe. The Love in which you experience that you are completely perfect, just as you are today, including everything. Only … sometimes there are “hard pieces” in your energy body that prevent contact with this. Call it “frozen pieces in time”.
These pieces can for example arise from extreme emotional or physical exhaustion, through (too) large changes, through abuse, you can also inherit them from your (great-grand) parents. , etc.
Frozen pieces can happily soften again, or melt away themselves. That is what loving, non-judgmental attention can do. That is what I can give you as a healer. I use reiki symbols and reiki energy. I experience reiki as pure Love. When I go to heal, I step into that Reiki Love and from there I make contact with you and the hard bits of you that demand attention.

Reiki healing at distance +/- 30 minutes € 40, –
Reiki healing in the workplace +/- 60 minutes € 70, –

Do you want to work with energy yourself?
Getting started with energy? I can recommend it! In it I can provide you with tools, I like doing that with a short (and spicy) trajectory “healing acces”. In this you really get to do the work yourself. I reach out and stand next to you, you work.
rate healing acces
6 x 1.5 hours € 600, –

Do you want to continue studying afterwards, and still work hard to make your sensitivity, accessible intuition, so that you get full confidence in the wisdom of your heart, and can start to live from there? Then I can wholeheartedly recommend the healing academy. Really, from the bottom of my heart.

If you walk with something under your arm and wonder what energy work could mean in this, call me (06 412 956 17) me or mail ( me without obligation for a (free) intake interview.